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            NEWS CENTER



            無錫天任電子有限公司成立于1998年底。2005年遷入位于風景秀麗的太湖之濱的無錫(國家)工業設計園 創意園 6號房五樓 現址,并置自有廠房。
            2007年公司通過了TUV ISO9001:2000質量體系認證。
            2007年,無錫天任電子有限公司注冊資金 300萬,總資產增加到1200萬,員工數逐年增加達到70人左右,銷售額近2700萬。
            Wuxi Tianren Electronics Co.,Ltd(Following referred to as TRE) is a professional FA manufacturer. We offer unmatched value to our customers based on our unique mix of skills and many years of experience in HMI and automation system integration. We have a proven track record and happy customers in China, which certified by TüV SüD and JAS-ANZ in ISO9000.
            Since began in 1998, TRE have been committed to HMI industry. And we have been the largest HMI vendor by Pro-face HMI sales and service.
            TRE independent innovation development steps to success well since 2007. We developed and manufacture our new generation HMI. We also supply the customized controller and automation system solutions according any different applications.
            “With exquisite technology to create customer satisfaction” is our business philosophy. TRE is committed to provide the best HMI to the world.